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TB (3) Assures compliance with AR , DA PAM , TB , command. regulations, local SOP(s), and the supporting TSA's external. TB MAINTENANCE OF SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT: ARMY TEST. PDF + Print. In Stock. Need it fast? Ask for rush delivery. Most backordered items . AR Army Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment Calibration and Repair Support Program. Reference URL. Share pdf.

In addition, the increasing number of sexually acquired HIV infections in adolescents underscores the important role of the pediatrician in preventing and diagnosing HIV infection in youth. Objectives After completing this article, readers should be able to: Recognize the important role that the pediatrician plays in the prevention, detection, and care of patients infected with and affected by human immunodeficiency virus HIV.

Understand the epidemiology of HIV infection in infants, children, and adolescents. Select the proper HIV diagnostic testing plan for infants, children, and adolescents.

Plan the comprehensive management of HIV-exposed infants. Understand the principles, monitoring, and complications of HIV treatment in infants, children, and adolescents.

Since the first description of infants with human immunodeficiency virus HIV infection in the early s, 1 2 tremendous advances have been made in the understanding, prevention, and treatment of HIV infection.

Sexual transmission is an important mode of transmission for adolescents, especially for adolescent girls in settings with generalized HIV epidemics and for young men who have sex with men MSM.

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Less common routes of transmission include transfusion with blood products tainted with HIV before routine screening of blood products for HIV was established , percutaneous exposure, and, rarely, HIV-infected caretakers chewing or warming food in their mouths and then feeding it to infants and children. HIV-2 causes infection predominantly in people from parts of West Africa, but it is less transmissible and generally associated with lower levels of viral replication and less severe disease.

Such latent infection of long-lived memory T cells underlies a main barrier to sterilizing cure of HIV infection. In settings outside the United States where infant replacement feeding confers an unacceptably high risk of HIV-unrelated morbidity and mortality including in many sub-Saharan African countries , the additional strategy of administering ARV drugs to mothers or infants during breastfeeding has become an effective means to allow breastfeeding while reducing the risk of HIV transmission.

HIV testing is recommended as early as possible in each pregnancy, including for women who tested HIV negative during a prior pregnancy. If the results are positive, a confirmatory HIV test should be performed as soon as possible, and maternal and infant ARV therapy should be initiated, pending the confirmatory test result.

Newborn nurseries should have procedures in place to alert nursery staff when an HIV-exposed infant is born because neonatal ARV prophylaxis should be initiated as soon after birth as possible, ideally within 6 to 12 hours see the Management of HIV-Exposed Infant section.

Preventing and Managing HIV Infection in Infants, Children, and Adolescents in the United States

Repair Responsibility. Maintenance Manual. This column identifies applicable maintenance manuals. When no specific manual is identified, the manufacturer's manual may be used.

For SAAG, this column denotes information describing the usage of the gage.. Intervals 1 The interval column indicates the maximum number of days that TMDE may be used before recalibration is required. USATA, in coordination with the responsible materiel developer or materiel manager, may change these intervals to improve reliability, materiel readiness, or to effect cost savings.

The activity that grants the deviation must be the activity that performs calibration of that instrument. The TMDE used in areas for personnel safety will not be allowed deviation from prescribed calibration intervals. When performing calibration for other U. Armed Forces i. Navy, U. Air Force, etc.

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NOTE The number of days in the interval column is primarily for fixed calibration facilities. Mobile teams teams that travel to customer locations on a scheduled mobile loop basis MUST use the next lowest interval that represents the day loop schedule for listed intervals of less than days when the interval listed is not days or a multiple of days i.

For example, days would revert to days, etc. System Code. Three digit system codes see paragraph 10 have been assigned to various systems and commands to simplify data processing. Each requirement is entered into the TB master file by using the system code of the submitting system or command. These codes identify only those system or command requirements that require a different interval, level, procedure, etc.

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The absence of a system code indicates that calibration requirements are the same for all users. The TMDE owner should refer to paragraph 10 of this TB, then select and identify to the calibration facility the code that most accurately defines the system or command that the TMDE is used to support. Equipment Requiring Special Handling or Reporting a. Active instruments not listed in Appendix of this TB will be calibrated every days.

The calibration interval for neutron meters is days, unless a different interval is specified in Appendix of this TB. The calibration level for these instruments will be at the appropriate facility having the capability to meet the accuracy required, based on the usage of the items. Secondary reference S level may request authorization to calibrate these instruments by submitting a memorandum to primary P level.

Written approval will only be granted by primary P level to secondary reference S level elements that have adequate facilities, equipment, and procedures. In these cases one probe is designated the primary probe and the meter is calibrated adjusted using that probe. All other probes are exposed and given sensitivity or efficiency factors without making further adjustments to the meter.

Army Dosimeters. Torque Calibration Arms. Commissary Weights and Scales. Calibration and repair support for commissary weights and scales is limited to those Army commissaries located outside of the United Sates, U. Personnel Weighing Scales. Scales which are used to monitor personnel in the weight control program do not require cyclic calibration.

The final evaluation to determine overweight must be made by commanders and supervisors by determining the body fat percentage IAW AR The actual weight of the soldier can be verified at the medical facility where properly calibrated scales are available.

Owners of these items must comply with appendix B of TB to register their requirements. Inspection and calibration of these gages will be IAW the following: 1 Inspection and calibration of dimensional gages such as ring, plug, and thread gages used in Army industrial facilities or in depot overhaul or rebuild missions excluding SAAG should be identified in the applicable Depot Maintenance Work Request DMWR.

When the inspection and calibration requirements for these gages are not specified in the DMWR, they will be inspected and calibrated using the gage drawing and, when applicable, MIL-STD, B, , B, , or other standard. Inspection and calibration intervals on gages not specified in DMWRs or official requirements lists will be established by using depot or facility predicated on the degree of usage.

Calibration of gages accomplished in-house will be reported to the local TSA. However, careful inspection of thread gages for damage is required.


The DA Form will be processed to reflect the new due date with the following entry in the remarks block "Plastic coating has not been removed or damaged. If a gage record card is used in lieu of a DA Label 80 then this card will be annotated with the new date and initialed by a responsible individual from both the using and supporting activity. The listing of these specifications means that all models covered require calibration and are considered to be listed in this TB.

These gages are not specifically identified in Appendix of this TB. DA Form will be annotated for these items using the guidance provided in paragraph i above as an example.

The determination of eligibility for support is the responsibility of the using MSA. Medical Diagnostic Equipment. It is the policy of the U. Army Surgeon General that medical diagnostic equipment used directly on the patient will not be listed in this TB.

However, TMDE used in medical repair facilities is listed and will receive periodic calibration. Velocity Transducers. Velocity transducers with model numbers , , and will be calibrated at nine locations.

Items in Europe will be calibrated by the U. Army will be calibrated by the U. Radar Speed Guns. Radar speed guns are not considered TMDE.

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The tuning forks used in the verification of radar speed guns will be calibrated on an annual basis days by USATA, using calibration procedure TB Thermistor Mounts. Thermistor mounts issued to ATSTs and TSCs 1 Thermistor mounts attached with Glyptol to the side arms of directional couplers used as power standards will be certified as identified for the power standard; e. Any remaining mounts will be calibrated at the secondary level, using TB Power Standard Assemblies.

In other cases it will remain at S level.

These instruments will be calibrated as follows: a A full calibration using TB or ETB will be performed at S level every days. A DA Label 80 will be affixed to the instrument reflecting the due date of the next S level calibration days.

This form will reflect a calibration interval of M days. It will not be used as a calibration standard. All four meters must remain with each kit. The two sets are submitted approximately 1 year apart on an alternating schedule.

This system provides the team with a continuous flow capability. Transfer Standard, Ballantine, Model A. When the transfer assembly is due calibration and the Ballantine A is operational, ship only the transfer assembly.

If the A is not functioning properly and the problem has been identified as a locally correctable mainframe malfunction, then local repair of the mainframe only is authorized.

Otherwise, ship the entire unit less the outer case. Also, remove and retain plugs P14 and P P14 and P15 are located on the instrument's rear panel.

Calibration of EOTS MIS, consisting of power supply model 92, light source model , and radiometer model , will be calibrated at S level with a day interval.

A spectral response check on the detector requires calibration of the entire EOTS utilizing MIS as the model number at Primary on a day interval. Each individual attenuator in the set should have its own DA Label 80 and calibration test report.Net[c] Exams and en. A Subject in Transition. NAVY U. Repair Responsibility.

Programming from the ground up. Basic feedback theory. Alspach T.

First, make sure that you really do need to answer them; answering too many questions is a common mistake. For one thing, those who finish happy are those who take their training seriously. Unique end items submitted by nonfield Army elements to USATA calibration personnel shall not be considered for calibration unless accompanied by the host system.

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